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CLICK THE IMAGE FOR MORE INFO~Refuse to be Silenced! This election is more important than ever and your vote matters despite what you may hear.

CLICK THE IMAGE TO COMPLETE YOURS TODAY ~The Census deadline has been extended to October 30th.

Atlanta launches new web site in collaboration with 22Squared's employee activism program.

Madison Webb: Oratory  Najaah Patterson: Dance - Modern Madison Jarrett: Dance - Contemporary Ja'Siah Young : Short Story  Briana McClure: Computer Science and Poetry Written   Trinity Jackson: Drawing and Painting .

Historian Carol Anderson traces the evolution of voter suppression tactics, from poll taxes and literacy tests instituted after the passage of the 15th Amendment to the rise of strict voter ID laws and poll closures after the election of America’s first Black president.

Atlanta NAACP calls for repudiation of racist campaign tactics.


The mother of all Confederate monuments looms in Georgia.

NBC News Reporter Chase Cain on Stone Mountain Carvings with Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose and Seth Levin of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The largest shrine to white supremacy in the history of the world must go.

Kelly Loeffler, a Republican who co-owns Atlanta’s WNBA franchise, urged (WNBA) Commissioner Cathy Engelbert in a letter to scrap plans for players to wear warmup jerseys reading “Black Lives Matter” and “Say Her Name” and instead put an American flag on all uniforms and apparel.

It is time for a new movement of civil disobedience and consciousness.

Two very dangerous and oppressive bills have passed along party lines are headed to the desk of Governor Brian Kemp.

Policing has devolved from slave catching patrols to aggessive, extrajudicial and oppressive agencies that demand rights as super citizens.

Former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, charged with felony murder in the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks last week outside a downtown Wendy’s, five years ago was involved in another shooting on the job that left a man with a punctured lung, court documents show.

We salute District Attorney Paul Howard for his quick actions against an obvious revenge murder by an Atlanta Police officer.

We applaud Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms for adopting the Obama Administration 21st Century Policing Policies.

Richard Rose, President of the Atlanta NAACP says that all eyes are on the state where Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed.

Can you help? Give us 10 to 12 hours this weekend to call voters.

Despite data manipulation, Georgia Covid-19 data still bleak.

America's health agencies have been dangerously deficient in capturing data and communicating with the public.

The NAACP is saddened to learn about the loss of a titan of the movement.

Two Atlanta NAACP ACT-SO winners were selected to attend an intensive master class in Los Angeles in association with the Image Awards.

Yesterday I served on a panel in front of hundreds of Clark Atlanta students who came to hear about scholarship opportunities.

Hosted by the Rev.

The #JohnLewisFreedomRunners are back together again in honor of THE civil rights icon U.

Join a coalition of community groups to protest At Fulton County Commission Meeting until budget & policies favor the poeple instead of selfish interests and the continuation of racially oppressive practices and policies.

Fulton County political leaders from all jurisdictions will join the Atlanta NAACP to begin an all-out effort to include every segment of the population in the 2020 census count.

The Atlanta Branch joined the Rev.

Florida Lynched More Black People Per Capita Than Any Other State, According to Report | Broward Palm Beach New Times .

Please join us for the annual service commemorating the Emancipation Proclamation that jumpstarted the abolition of chattel slavery in America reserved only for African descendants January 1, 1863.

NAACP Atlanta president Richard Rose and Trump’s Diversity Council director Bruce LeVell were on CNN discussing his clear and dangerous racism.

Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose told Atlanta Black Star he thinks Black people are talking about race more frequently because they are often victims of racism.

Dear Faye, Thank you for your message.

Even as our national political leaders have finally signaled they will no longer tolerate racism and bigotry among their ranks, Georgia’s state legislature has refused to follow their lead and instead continues its embrace of divisiveness, prejudice and intolerance.

A federal judge intends to issue an injunction barring Georgia election officials from tossing certain absentee ballots without giving would-be voters advance notice and a chance to rectify any issues.

Every compromise on racial discriminatory policy and practice serves only to continue the oppression in some form.

We have received new complaints about racial discrimination within the ironworkers union.

DeKalb's County Commission action should be the first of many removals of the unpatriotic and traitorous celebrations of the failed insurrection against America.

Ten lies that have been taught to school children.

A Lost Cause confession from Georgia’s oldest historical publication By Jim Galloway-Atlanta Journal Constitution November 14, 2017 The Georgia Historical Quarterly is one of those heavily footnoted publications devoted to the somber study of what we once were.

President Richard Rose gives a quick tour of Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.

Finally an honest look by the AJC about Stone Mountain! But America should not celebrate the failed insurrection against itself.

Former State Rep LaDawn Jones and her former seatmate State Representative Jason Spencer have concocted a plan to maintain the celebration of the Confederacy.

Raven Pace received the Gold Medal in Dramatics and Silver Medal in Poetry Performance at the NAACP national ACT-SO competition in July.

Former Atlanta TV newswoman Lyn Vaughn has emerged to write an editorial in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and declare “Leave Confederacy’s old monuments alone.

The City of New Orleans just won a major battle in the on-going campaign to end the celebration of the Confederacy and white supremacy from the Appeals Court that agreed that 3 mounuments could be removed from public property.

A courageous Douglas County Georgia Superior Court Judge upbraided both defendants in a 2015 Confederate flag, gun-brandishing, hate-speech-filled demonstration and the Douglasville Police Department.

Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose speaking about a Federal judge's decision on voting rights with WSB TV's Tyisha Fernandes.

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp will release records about rejected applications to register to vote in Georgia, complying with an order issued this week by a federal judge.

Thousands gathered Friday evening in downtown Atlanta for the NAACP “March for Justice,” in response to the fatal shootings earlier this week of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota by police officers.

Deravis Caine Rogers was shot & killed by former Atlanta Police Officer James Burns on June 22, 2016.

Lost Cause fanatics—including a handful of African Americans—insist that thousands of blacks fought for the Confederacy.

Jackson County State Representative Tommy Benton is afflicted by the same malady and Stone Mountain Board Chair Carolyn Meadows.

By Richard Rainey, NOLA.

Carolyn Meadows, the chairwoman of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, claimed that "some 3,000 Blacks fought for the Confederacy" although reputable historians have not identified a single Black Confederate soldier.

Web site comments and Facebook posts ask why we advocate against the Confederate Memorials at Stone Mountain.


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