Covid-19 Still Plagues Georgia

America's health agencies have been dangerously deficient in capturing data and communicating with the public. Georgia is no exception. Of the over 19,000 Georgia cases, the race of the patient is unknown for 46% of the cases. Of the patients whose identification includes race, 50% of the deaths are black Georgians although black men and women comprise less than one-third of the total population. If the number of race-unknown patients is allocated over the known-race counts, black deaths would represent 53% of the total Covid-19 deaths in Georgia. There should be panic within our communities and a commitment to carry out our daily lives strictly observing CDC and WHO guidelines. We know that there are those who believe that lives should be sacrificed to "save" the economy. Black lives matter! Practice social distancing. Wear a mask and demand that those with whom you come in contact also wear a mask. Do not take your small children shopping. If a child must accompany you, only take one! We know that 2020 events and circumstances are difficult but we want you here in 2021.

Depsite increases in conrona virus cases, hopsitalizations and deaths, Governor Brian Kemp is proposing loosening measures against the advice of experts. We urge all Georgians to contact Governor Kemp via social media @GovKemp or 404-656-1776..