Confederacy Names and Monuments Advisory Committee

A newly constituted "Confederacy Street Names and Monuments Committee" met for the first time last night. Of the 11 members, 7 are white. The mayor appointed 6 members, half of whom are black. The council put forth 5 members, selecting only Brenda Muhammad as its sole non-white appointee. The Committee on Council has the authority to make the selections and consists of Felecia Moore, Michael Bond, Keisha Bottoms, Kwanza Hall, Mary Norwood, Cleta Winslow and Ivory Young. There is not a single representative from black civil rights organizations although the committee includes the CEO of Buckhead's Atlanta History Center (the Mayor's appointment).

Email or call them (see the link below) to express your objection to their continued insensitivity to our community. If you have not voted, add this to your deliberations along with no housing affordability, blocking of MLK from the west side, the procurement scandal and the focus on taxpayer funding for the stadium and Phillips Arena, but none for meaningful neighborhood development The three of them that are vying to be the next mayor, Mr. Confederate Councilman Ivory Young, Moore, Bond and Winslow were unanimous (Hall was absent). All are on the ballot, so exercise the right that so many fought, died and suffered for. Refuse to be mistreated! 

#EndTheConfederacy #PeaceInAmerica