Brian Kemp Up To Old Tricks

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp continues his policies that are designed for disenfranchisement.  While community groups such as the NAACP, Georgia Stand-up and the Coalition for the Peoples Agenda have continued their mission to increase voter registration and participation, Kemp’s office is apparently employing the controversial and discriminatory practice of “exact match” to disqualify new voter applications. It was not enough for his office to purge over a million voters, many based on dubious rationale.  Kemp is again busy winnowing the voting list perhaps to insure a gubernatorial victory in November.  Since the ratification of the 15th amendment in 1867, the barriers placed in front of people of color have included lynching, economic oppression, forced removal from jurisdictions and incarceration.  All of these measures constitute voter suppression.  According to an Associated Press report, 70% of the 53,000 voter applications being held up by Kemp are from black Georgians.  This is but another form of mob rule.

All Americans should speak out against these un-American tactics and demand that these applications, and the many that will be soon arriving from last-minute voter registrations, be approved.